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Fastest YouTube Downloader to MP3 Converter is a video/audio download utility
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Fastest YouTube Downloader to MP3 Converter is a video/audio download utility. It was designed to let you download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 files so that you can listen to them on your audio playback devices or even on your computer, but it can also be used to download video files, even HD ones.

To start a video download, you first have to copy the URL of the video on your web browser and then click on the Video URL field. The URL will be pasted automatically. After you click on "Find Videos", the app will display some info about the video and show you the download options. You can choose the quality of the download. The default value is to download the highest quality available, but you can also choose from the available versions from a drop-down menu. To the right, you will find the conversion settings. You can choose "No conversion" if you want to keep the original video, or one of the available audio or video formats if you want to convert the file. The available audio formats are MP3 and OGG, and there are quite a few formats and conversion profiles available for video.

In my testing, I downloaded two videos and I chose to download the highest quality version of the videos. One of them I converted to MP3, while the other wasn't converted at all. I don't know whether the claim that this converter is 3 times faster than the competition is true, but I can say that on my connection, a video that was 1-minute long was downloaded in 1 minute and 47 seconds. That isn't bad, but it is slower than just watching the video on YouTube.

The videos that I downloaded were saved and converted without any problems. Both the quality of the audio and video were great.

José Fernández
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  • It works quite well
  • Nice interface
  • It can download HD videos as well


  • I didn't think this was 3 times faster than other downloaders I have tried in the past
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